Jobfair info

For foreign human resources
who want to work in Tokyo

Would you like to try working in Tokyo?
This is a chance to you for meet the fascinating companies in Tokyo and need not to leave your home country!
5 companies will actually travel to the site, so you can talk directly with the person in charge. In addition, since it will be delivered online at the same time, even those who live in rural areas where it is difficult to come to the venue can watch the company explanation.
Please freely explore the fascination of small and medium-sized enterprises in Tokyo by the rarest chance!
Connecting with companies at the Tokyo Job Fair may be the first step toward fulfilling your dreams.
Jobfair India

Event Outline

Main Recruitment Participants
  1. Undergraduate students or employed people living in India who want to find a job in Tokyo
  2. Daily conversation level or higher Japanese ability.

January 20th (Sat) to 21st (Sun), 2024

Number of participating companies
20 (Online:15, On-site:5)

Application Acceptance Period
November 20th (Mon) to January 21st (Sun), 2024

Job Fair Style
Offline: Luxera Hotel
Online: ZOOM meeting live streaming
* It is not necessary to download the Zoom application in advance

Event features
  1. You can join from anywhere via a PC or smartphone
  2. You can apply to companies using a dedicated system
  3. You can direct questions to companies using the ZOOM's Q&A function and meeting room.
  4. Mini seminars on the benefits of working in Tokyo are held simultaneously.


Contents of Tokyo Job Fair

Job Fairs

You can participate in up to 20 company information sessions.
On Saturday and Sunday of the first week, the company information sessions will be held online, with a 20-minute PR session per company, followed by a 25-minute round-table discussion where you can ask questions to the companies.
On the following Saturday, you can meet the companies offline and talk with them in person.
Check the company information from My Page in advance and attend the company information session that you are interested in.

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Job Hunting Mini Seminars

Experienced international people who are working in Tokyo will talk about “the benefits of working in Tokyo” and seminars will be held on interviewing strategies that are useful in practice.
This will help reduce the anxiety of those who want to work in Japan and deepen their understanding. Don’t hesitate to join.

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Consultation Desk

The TOKYO CAREER CONSULTING DESK is a service through which professional career consultants will respond in detail via phone / email and online to any enquiries and questions about steps to work in Tokyo that you may have. Depending on the content of the consultation, local representatives will meet with you directly to help you find employment in Tokyo. Please note that we are not able to provide recruiting information of specific companies.

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By registering, you can receive scouts from companies before the job fair.

Once you register your profile, you will receive scouts from companies that have viewed your profile information.
If you accept the scout, the company will be able to send you a message and you will be able to communicate directly with them.
*Please note that there is no guarantee that all companies will send you a direct message.

Applying to a company in advance increases the possibility being matched with the company, so take advantage of this.
Person scout

From application to participation


Sign Up

Input the required information into the application form on the Tokyo Job Fair website.


Update Registration Information

An email will be sent to your registered email address. Access the URL in the email to log in My Page.
After a successful login, detail your profiles such as educational background and skills by Edit Profile function.
Uploading your resume/CV will increase your chances of being scouted by companies that are interested in you.


Apply To A Company

You can browse company information and job information, and apply to an interested company. You may also receive an invitation from a company that has viewed your profile.


Participate job fair

Day1 Online Job Fair(15 companies) September 28th, 2024(Sat), 29th(Sun) 9:00~18:00

Day2 On-site Job Fair(5 companies) October 5th, 2024(Sat) 9:00~18:00

【How to participate in Online Job Fair】
① Click on "Online Job Fair" button. Then select the seminar you want to attend and click on "Participate"
② After transitioning to the Zoom screen, enter your name and e-mail address on the Zoom screen to register your participation.
③ An email will be sent to your registered email address. Please click on the URL in the email and attend the company briefings

【How to participate in On-site Job Fair】
Please come directly to the venue. (Please bring stationery).
※What is On-site Job Fair?
You can talk face to face with a recruiter in company PR booth. At ,the interview corner, you can interview with companies that have been matched with you in advance. In addition, there are booths where you can get individual job counseling and interview preparation, and you can get useful information for finding a job in Japan.

Message from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government

The purpose of this project, which was starting from 2021, is connect foreign human resource who have advanced expertise and skills to small and medium-sized enterprises which want to hire overseas talents and locate in Tokyo.
We hope that by participating in this job fair, you will discover the fascinating of small and medium-sized enterprises in Tokyo while you are still in your home country. This project will be a link to you and working in Japan.
Because of globalization, many Japanese companies are looking for talented foreign human resource.
We hope that you will register and participate!
Person message


Before the event

On the day of the job fair

Disclaimers and Precautions
  1. Tokyo Job Fair may be canceled due to unavoidable circumstances (natural disasters, infectious diseases, etc.).
  2. “Matching” on My Page is only an opportunity to communicate with a company, and does not indicate a job offer.
  3. You may not be able to participate if your network is unstable. Please confirm your network status in advance.
  4. This project does not guarantee you will receive a job offer. Keep in mind that this is simply a “job fair.”
  5. Since this is a publicly funded job fair, project results will be announced on the website.
Event Outline
Contents of Tokyo Job Fair
From application to participation
Disclaimers and Precautions